Kevin Garrison’s professional writing career spans
twenty years producing over 850

published articles, newspaper and Web site columns, and
numerous books.

Kevin’s articles have appeared in Air & Space
Smithsonian,  Plane & Pilot, Upside,

Salon.com, Flyer newspapers, Creativity, Writer’s Digest,
Biztraveler, Mercator’s World, AOPA Pilot, Airline Pilot, US Aviator, IFR Magazine, Private
Pilot, Ace magazine, Southern Aviator Equus, Horseplay, Salon.com, The Lexington
Herald Leader,
and numerous others.

His books include:  The CEO of the Cockpit;  a
more serious instructional book,

Clear Left, I’ll Have the Chicken, a memoir a show of

Kevin’s humorist side;  and, So, You’re Dead… A
Novice’s Guide to Non-Being
completes Kevin’s look at the human condition.  Kevin’s
latest book, The Complete Illustrated History of the United States Air Force,
will be out soon from Barnes & Noble Books.

He is a member of the American Society of Journalists and
Authors and holds an American Studies degree from Florida State University

Kevin recently retired as a 767 Delta Airlines captain with
over 20,000 flight hours.  While at Delta, Kevin worked with senior management producing
products for Delta Airlines Flight Operations Division.

His flying background has included flying everything from
banner towers to candidates for Governor.  General aviation has seen Kevin as a line
boy, shop assistant, office manager, and aircraft salesperson.   He’s hauled
dead bodies, flown forest fire missions, carried sky-divers, surveyed turtles, and flown air
show routines.

Kevin firmly believes that professional wrestling is real and the rest of the world is bogus.


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