Terrorist making BOOM-BOOMs in his Underwear…

December 29, 2009 § 10 Comments

A vastly different way of me doing this blog is about to emerge. I plan to take on a whole new way of looking at this thing and begin writing more of what I think and much much less of what I think you want to read.

You see, most professional writing organizations talk about, write about and most important, blog about how important it is to promote yourself through your blog. In addition  to your bloggage, you really should twit at leat a hundred times a day and if you still have time (and your fingers haven’t gone into a permanent cramp) you should do linkedin stuff as well.

I have followed that particular white rabbit down that particular hole for too long. It may work and for some writers it may sell literally grillions of books, but for me it is a major pain in the butt and it makes me feel about as artistic as a person who wears an Arby’s sign out on the highway to gather in traffic for the sale of rubbery beef sandwiches.

Won’t do it anymore — Promise. I will write, from time to time, things I am thinking about the world of aviation and other parts of the world that interest me. Read it. Don’t read it. I don’t care. Go to my website: http://www.kevincreates.com or don’t. I am cool with it. If you like what I write you could always hire me to help you with your creative projects and ideas. I would like that. I have been spending money ane eating since I was very young and would love to continue to eat and spend.

There. That housekeeping chore is done and I can finally write about people who carry bombs in their skivvys — Literally, “BOOM BOOMs in their UNDERWEAR”. That’s right — I am using all caps when I want to.

I can write installments on this blog thing wondering just how much the flying public will endure before they say enough! and stop traveling by air. Personally, when they won’t let me go pee during the last hour of a nine hour flight they have crossed a very big line in the sand. Plus, now the terrorists will just set off their BOOM-BOOMs over the ocean instead of over Dearborn Michigan.

We’ll get into more important stuff later. For now, please consider subscribing to this blog. I have a lot to say and am about to start saying it.


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§ 10 Responses to Terrorist making BOOM-BOOMs in his Underwear…

  • Finally. Welcome back to the other side. We’ve left your cubicle untouched, so get resettled in, find the bathrooms and, then, report to the staff conference room for an all-hands meeting at 2. Bring your notes from your journey outside the walls.

    • kevin says:

      Sid, It is good to be back. It was CRAZY out there! I have to go spend an afternoon at HR re-learning how to be nice to people who are different than me but I’ll be at the meeting before it is over. Save me a donut!

  • Lynwaz says:

    My god Kevin don’t tell me you’ve become (gasp) GAINFULLY EMPLOYED again! No no, not that!
    I will add tho, that thanks to the most recent efforts of the TSA, I intend to drive everywhere for the rest of my life. The only positive aspect I see from the latest round of “anti-terrorism restrictions” on airplanes is — it may get folks off their duffs to actually support high-speed rail.

    Good luck whatever you may be doing – even if you’re up to no good…:)

  • Joe Serdynski says:

    Nigerian Terrorist . . . They wouldn’t happen to have Oil there would they?

    • kevin says:

      Nope. I don’t think they have oil. What the heck… Let’s invade Iraq again. We’re GOOD at that!

    • kevin says:

      Joe… Wait a minute… wasn’t it Nigerian Terrorists that were chasing Marty McFly and Doc around just before they took off, back to the future in their Delorean???

      I sense a conspiracy. Maybe they are after our flux capacitors.

  • Mae West says:

    “Is that a bomb in your pants or are you happy to see me?”

    What exactly did Abdul hope to prove by incinerating his own wing-wang? What’ll the 72 virgins do with him then?

  • Mae West says:

    Things are rarely what they seem. Bummer.

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