We Should Take Over The World!

November 3, 2008 § 2 Comments

Let’s take over the aviation world!

            Maybe it isn’t enough that we limit ourselves to flying on the cheap like I suggested in my previous blog post. Maybe it is time to take aviation back from the autopilot oriented, flat-screen techies and give it back to the “keep the ball in the middle crowd.”

            Just how will we do this aeronautical version of the game “Risk”? I am not completely sure. I have never taken over anything, not even payments on anything so it is difficult for me to envision world-wide aviation supremacy based solely on a few paragraphs, a warm-fuzzy feeling about flying and no money.

            The fact that aviation needs to be taken back is as obvious as a blue stain near a toilet service door on a Boeing 727. The people in charge of flying since it began in the early 1900s have perverted it into two major areas that are counterproductive to the art. First, they made a weapon out of aircraft and second they made airliners out of them.

            Military aviation isn’t about the art of flying. It is about the art of killing people while flying. Airlines don’t exist because people want to fly for the simple joy of flight. They exist so Aunt Emma can get to her cousin Sadie’s for the holidays.

            I plan on spending the rest of my day today sitting in my lair and pondering ways to wrest flying from the control of people with suits, uniforms and agendas.

            Once I arrive at a diabolically simple plan for world aviation domination I will let you, my minions, know about it and what to do through normal channels.

            Let us all share in a diabolical laugh and prepare to storm various airports, flying clubs, aviation websites and model airplane shops. Ready:


            Next, we’ll get some flying sharks with friggin laser beams on their heads!

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§ 2 Responses to We Should Take Over The World!

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop landing on runways. Land beside them and make everyone mad. Where they have landing fees (never met one, yet) just tell em, you didn’t use the runway. Park out in the grass and avoid tie down fees, when asked, tell em that your plane would not know how to act and might crap on their ramp.
    Catch mice in live traps, and turn them loose in new airplanes with glass panels. That will really make an mad owner of a $300,000 airplane and it came with MICE.
    Show these high dollar pilots your new IFR panel, with needle, ball and airspeed. Tell em it’s the latest thing and requires a lot more pilot smarts then their TV show. Make sure they are the younger type.
    –Karl S

  • Anonymous says:

    Tip: watch out for the lights next to those runways

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