Who Should Be Aviation President?

July 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

The candidates agreed to answer questions from time to time on this blog in order to establish their credentials and policies on aviation issues.

We begin by asking each person, “what is a cockpit?”

Obama: the place where the victimized members of the brave workers of the proletariat, the air line pilots association, fight the good fight and try to keep the pointy end pointing skyward toward brotherhood and sisterhood for all peoplekind.


McC: The place that looks very small and smoky as I blast away from it after wandering into a slow moving SAM which was bigger than Milton Berle’s daddy parts and would have been easy to miss if I wasn’t so goddam hung-over. I see the cockpit as a symbol for my patriotism, stoicism under commie torture and my ticket to future greatness as a middle of the road Bill Shatner look alike. Denny Crane!


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